13 Murray Street
Ottawa, ON

Since its establishment in 2000, L.A. Pai Gallery has made important contributions to the presentation and dissemination of contemporary Canadian sculpture and jewellery, both in Canada and around the world. Committed to discovering and contextualizing emerging and established artists, the gallery has gained recognition for its art installations for public as well as private collectors. Most recently, the gallery provided artworks for many of the province-themed rooms in Canada House, London England, a nod to its deep knowledge and expertise of contemporary Canadian art.

Lisa A. Pai has worked in the art field since receiving her MA degree in Comparative Literature. She has owned and operated the gallery since 2000, and is proud to have successfully nominated two recent recipients of the Governor General/Saidye Bronfman Awards, Canada’s foremost distinction for excellence in fine crafts.

L.A. Pai Gallery

L. A. Pai Gallery, established in 2000, promotes contemporary emerging and established artists.