Hi everyone! My name is Amy Millen, and I have been with the ByWard Market BIA for the past six weeks doing a design co-op placement. I have recently graduated Algonquin College’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program which required field work at the end. I chose to do it here as there is always so much going on and it would be a great learning experience! This definitely proved to be true and as I am finishing up my time here, I look forward to doing my own freelance work in the near future.

Throughout the six weeks in the market I have discovered many hidden gems that I may not have known about otherwise. I put together a small list of ten of them in hopes that other people will explore them as well!


  1. Pub 101 – You can never go wrong with pub food but their mac and cheese is without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had anywhere. It’s an added bonus that the food is super affordable as well – only $5.11 with the purchase of a drink! Since you’ll probably buy a drink as well, their sangria has never failed to impress me. The atmosphere there is always great and my go-to place for a Friday night!
  2. Paper Papier – I had never heard of this place until I started my internship here but it quickly stood out to me as the kind of store I don’t come across often. They have the cutest selection of cards and amazing wrapping papers there, it’s hard to pick only one. Along with some of the friendliest staff I’ve met, it makes for a great shopping experience!
  3. Cacao 70 – This has always been one of my favourite places in the market. It’s hard not to love a restaurant that offers chocolate pizza and salted caramel milkshakes! I would strongly recommend their fondue to anyone that loves sweets as much as I do.
  4. Bang On – This is another shop that I had no idea existed until I was sent to take some photos of their products. They sell a huge variety of custom t shirts for any occasion and can personalize them which makes for a great gift! I picked up a pair of sunglasses on my first week and have worn them everyday since.
  5. The Cupcake Lounge – Easily the best place in all of Ottawa to go to for an afternoon treat (or even a latte first thing in the morning!). They have so many different flavours of cupcakes there that change daily. The Cupcake Lounge offers the cutest packages for all the big holidays too!
  6. My Sweet Tea – This was one place I was really looking forward to visiting after seeing their amazing website and menu. I have never seen so many different bubble tea options and their signature caramel Ferraro Rocher tea will definitely not disappoint!
  7. Milk – I had heard of Milk through social media before coming here but had no idea how much they really have to offer. Their patterned leggings and socks, along with the wide selection of sunglasses really stood out to me. Surprisingly, my favourite thing about the shop is all the greeting cards! They’re so clever and definitely the first place I would go to when looking for some.
  8. Cundell Stables – One of the first things I was told when starting my internship was that there were horses in the market which was the most exciting thing ever! In my second last week, I was lucky enough to run into the owner while he was walking them around the market and he gave me a ride for a while – definitely one of the highlights of working here.
  9. Zaphod’s – As far as nightlife goes in the market, this is definitely one of my favourite places. I have seen so many of my favourite bands play on that stage and Trailer Park Bingo every Sunday is always a great time.
  10. The Red Lion – You can only imagine how exciting it is for a student to hear about their “Mini Mondays” – $2 food and drinks! I had to check it out and for just an $8 bill, I was able to get a beer and a plate of delicious tacos. Strongly recommended to anyone who likes good food and good prices!