VIP Edition : RÄNDĀ VO͞O Restaurant 18 March 21 5-8PM

VIP Edition : RÄNDĀ VO͞O | Restaurant 18 | March 21| 5-8PM |

What can you expect ?

A dynamic exclusive atmosphere with upbeat music, appetizers, cocktail specials, prizes, and engaging professionals from diverse industries looking to network with you ! #elevateyourafterfive

The Venue: Restaurant 18 | 18 York Street

A contemporary fine dining restaurant established in 2001, e18hteen reflects our commitment to excellence, dedication to the culinary arts, and attentive service. Our cuisine is traditional French with seasonal Canadian influences, backed by an extensive wine selection. Constructed in 1867, e18hteen combines old world charm with contemporary sophistication and style.

*Tickets non refundable.

RÄNDĀˌVO͞O ~ Elevate your after five | A place designated for a meeting or assembling, especially of a large group of exceptional and passionate human beings. A union of enormous energies that emerge for the premier 5 À 7 business networking event.

Start Date:

March 21, 2019 5:00 pm

End Date:


restaurant e18hteen
18 York Street

Contact 613-244-1188