The Kwilt team is split between Ottawa and San Francisco… in other words, we’re extremely polite tech-nerds with a dream.

Yeah we know, “A startup with ambition? How original!” …But we have Google-level goals for our applications, and with our release of KwiltKeys Photo Keyboard (the very first photo keyboard!) we’re already making waves in the way people interact with their photos.

How is Kwilt different? We’ve created a vehicle that helps navigate the mess of photo, social, and cloud accounts, messaging apps, and the ridiculous amount of pictures we’ve taken of our pets—without adding to that mess by creating yet another app you need to open, learn, and share from. Keyboard photo sharing is hot. Trust us, we invented it*.

♥︎ The Kwilt Team

*Okay maybe not, but can you blame us for trying? That was a great line.